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March 12, 2019Hebrews 9:15-28Glenda Kaser
March 5, 2019Hebrews 9:11-14Becca McFarlane
February 19, 2019Hebrews 8Michelle Wolfe
February 12, 2019Hebrews 8:1-6Glenda Kaser
February 5, 2019Hebrews 7Jacque Rogers
January 29, 2019Hebrews 7:18-22Laura Jackson
January 15, 2019Our Incorruptible High Priest – Hebrews 7Cheryl Brodersen
December 11, 2018Hebrews 6Ann Knopf
December 4, 2018Hebrews 6:1-8Jacque Rogers
November 27, 2018Hebrews 5Jasmine Alnutt
November 6, 2018Hebrews 4Jasmine Alnutt
October 30, 2018Hebrews 4Jacque Rogers
October 9, 2018Hebrews 2:10-18Michelle Wolfe
October 2, 2018Hebrews 2:1-9Glenda Kaser
September 25, 2018Hebrews 1Cheryl Brodersen
August 7, 2018Biblical Strategy for Victory Pt.4Glenda Kaser
July 24, 2018Biblical Strategy for Victory Pt.3Glenda Kaser
July 17, 2018Biblical Strategy for Victory Pt.2Glenda Kaser
July 10, 2018Biblical Strategy for Victory Pt.1Glenda Kaser
June 19, 2018Who He Is: Omnipotent and Omnipresent Chaplain Nancy Crews
June 12, 2018Who Is He: MercifulChaplain Adrienne Benton
May 15, 2018Joshua 24Cheryl Brodersen
May 8, 2018Joshua 23Jasmine Alnutt
May 1, 2018Joshua 22Michelle Wolfe
April 24, 2018Joshua 18:11-28, Joshua 19-21Glenda Kaser
April 17, 2018Joshua 15-18:10Jacque Rogers
March 27, 2018Easter MessageKathy Gilbert
March 20, 2018Joshua 14:10-15Laura Jackson
March 13, 2018Joshua 14:1-9Michelle Wolfe
February 20, 2018Joshua 11Paul Duke
February 13, 2018Joshua 10Jacque Rogers
February 6, 2018Joshua 9Glenda Kaser
January 23, 2018Joshua 7Laura Jackson
January 16, 2018Joshua 6Danielle Overholt
January 2, 2018Joshua 5Glenda Kaser
December 5, 2017Joshua 4:8-24Megan Worth
November 28, 2017Joshua 4:1-7Michelle Wolfe
November 14, 2017Joshua 3Glenda Kaser
November 7, 2017Rahab: Faith That WorksKathy Gilbert
October 24, 2017Lesson 2/Second HalfJasmine Alnutt
October 3, 2017Introduction to Possessing the PromisesCheryl Brodersen
August 1, 2017Stories of FaithJasmine Alnutt
July 25, 2017God is Able to Keep and CompleteGlenda Kaser
July 18, 2017God is Able to Supply All We Need for Our Christian Walk and WorkGlenda Kaser
July 11, 2017God Saves and DeliversGlenda Kaser
June 20, 2017Conversations with God: AsaphSher Pai
May 30, 2017MosesJacque Rogers
May 16, 2017Luke 24Glenda Kaser
May 9, 2017Luke 23Michelle Wolfe
May 2, 2017Luke 22Jacque Rogers
October 11, 2016Luke 2Cathy Rich
October 4, 2016Luke 1Glenda Kaser
July 19, 2016Joel 2:18-32Jasmine Alnutt
July 12, 2016Joel 2:1-17Jasmine Alnutt
July 5, 2016Joel 1Jasmine Alnutt
June 21, 2016Wrapped up in Jesus Through Our Service, Fellowship and MinistryRobin Evans
June 14, 2016Wrapped up in Jesus Through Our Prayer and Devotional TimeSher Pai
June 7, 2016Wrapped up in Jesus Through Our WorshipShannon Quintana
May 31, 2016Wrapped up in Jesus Through His WordJacque Rogers
May 3, 2016Romans 15Jacque Rogers
April 26, 2016Romans 14Cheryl Brodersen
March 22, 2016The Gospel’s Power in Our LivesAndrea Lowe
March 15, 2016Romans 12Dave Shirley
February 23, 2016Romans 10
February 16, 2016Romans 9
February 2, 2016Romans 8:18-39Dave Shirley
January 26, 2016Romans 8
December 1, 2015Romans 6Glenda Kaser
November 17, 2015Romans 5Jasmine Alnutt
November 3, 2015Romans 3
October 13, 2015The GospelCheryl Brodersen
October 6, 2015Romans 1Jasmine Alnutt
September 29, 2015Getting to Know the Group Leaders
December 9, 2014Christmas 2014 Pt.2Shannon Gallatin
December 2, 2014Christmas 2014 Pt.1Shannon Gallatin