Christmas from the Heart

Christmas From The Heart: December 21

This family home tour and craft duo is sure to get you feeling cozy as we quickly approach Christmas! It’s never too late to make new traditions, starting with these wonderful Christmas garlands. As demonstrated, this is Christmas fun for you and your entire family to enjoy!

• Wool Felt strips (you can buy packets at your local craft store)

• Water

• Mild soap (just a half teaspoon per 2 cups of water)

• 2 Bowls (one with warm soapy water) (one with just hot water)

• Large needle

• String



1. Cut felted wool strip into 4” sections

2. Stretch and loosen the felt fibers

3. Place the felted wool in your hand

4. Dip your fingers in the warm soapy water and add to the center of the felt

5. Begin rolling the felt with your fingers, the soap will help the fibers stick together

6. Continue to gently roll your fibers together forming a loose ball adding soapy water to blend the fibers

7. Once you have a loose ball, begin adding hot water to get most of the soap out

8. You can gently squeeze the ball to get rid of the soap

9. Make sure there are no lumps or creases, just keep moving fibers

10. This may take up to 5 minutes to get a smooth ball with no soap inside

11. Once your loose ball appears smooth, begin rolling between both hands

12. Put more pressure on rolling your ball if you are happy with the round surface

13. Press down as you roll to get a very hard little ball

14. Let dry and make more balls repeating the previous steps

15. Once you are done, thread your needle and string your felted balls

Enjoy your felted wool garland!


from the kitchen of Andie Overholt
Dough Ingredients:

•  1 cup sugar

• 1 cup brown sugar

• 1 cup shortening (half that if using butter)

• 3 eggs

• 4 cups flour

• 1 tsp baking soda

• 1/2 tsp salt• 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Filling Ingredients (make after dough):

• 1 lb dates cut fine

• 1 cup walnuts or preferred nuts cut fine

• 1/2 cup water

• 1/2 cup sugar


1. Cream shortening and add sugar gradually, add slightly beaten eggs, then sifted dry ingredients

2. Roll out dough 1/4” thick on parchment paper and spread with filling

3. Roll up like a jelly roll. Place in fridge overnight.

4. Slice 1/4” thick and bake in a hot oven (400) for 10-12 minutes

Filling Steps:

1. Cook for 10 minutes in a pot on medium low heat. This will stick to the pan easily…stir often.